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Prabhu Capital is a one of the leading Merchant Banking Company, which was established and registered under the Company Act, 2063 and it was licensed by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) on 21st July, 2009 (2066.04.06) to operate the Merchant Banking activities such as Issue Management, Registrar to the Share (RTS) Services, and Portfolio Management Services. The Company has obtained operating license from Registrar Office of Companies (ROC) on 1st September, 2009 (2066.05.16). The Company also obtained the license of underwriting of Securities from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) on 9th September, 2010 (2067.05.24).

Capital Structure

Rs. 1.11 Billion

Authorised Capital

Rs. 1.11 Billion

Issued Capital

Rs. 1 Billion

Paid up Capital

Shareholding Pattern

Prabhu Capital is the purely non fund based Merchant Banking Company, which was established in the initiation of Development Bank Association of Nepal (DBAN). The Major Promoters of the Prabhu Capital were 11 Development Banks, 6 Commercial Banks, 1 Finance Company, 2 Private Companies/Investment Companies and 37 Individuals who are related from diversified entrepreneur and professional background with excellent personal ability, high exposure in their related field, excellent track record in the banking business and also renowned personalities in the various sector of the society. The Individual Promoters have also high social profile in the country and have proven the administrative skill. The total number of promoters of Prabhu Capital are 57 where Development Bank 11, Commercial Bank 6, Finance 1, Private Companies/Investment Companies 2 and Individual 37.


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